FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you find your employees?


Most of our employees are folks who are already known to us. We have either become acquainted with them through direct association or through word of mouth referrals.

Q: How do you screen your employees?


All of our employees must submit to a full application package complete with a background and criminal history check.

Q: What if an accident occurs during a companion's visit?


We require all employees to carry appropriate auto insurance naming Oregon Neighbors as an additional insured.
Additionally, we are bonded/insured for unforeseen occurrences.

Q: What if a client has a medical emergency during a Neighbor's visit?


Companions are instructed to contact the emergency medical services immediately in the event of an emergency.

While we provide companion services, we are not a substitute for hospice, nursing or any other medical service.

During our initial visit, we will collect emergency contact numbers from the client and/or family and will establish the proper steps if any medical reminders are needed. If direct medical care is required, we will gladly provide contact information for other firms that offer this service.

Q: What happens if a client’s medical situation changes after they have already established a rapport with one of your companions?


If a companion feels that a client’s needs have changed, a placement manager will visit with the client and/or family and honestly discuss these concerns.

While we do not provide medical services, once a rapport is established between client / companion, it is not uncommon for families to retain the services of our companions to compliment the medical services being provided.

Sometimes the familiar face of a friend, holding your hand, will get you through tough treatments, procedures, will aid and accelerate healing.